5 Ways To Fasten Your Home Wi-Fi Speed For Free

A good router can ensure a good internet speed connection. However, not everyone has the money to make such an investment. Not upgrading to a better router does not mean that you cannot improve the Wi-Fi internet speed. In fact, there are plenty of ways through which the Wi-Fi speed can be improved for free. Here are five such ways to fasten the home Wi-Fi speed for free. 

1. Update your router 

Not everyone updates their router when a new update is received. When was the last time you updated your router? Updating the router will not magically improve the Wi-Fi speed by multiple folds but it will improve the internet speed for sure, even if it is little. In addition to that, updating the router also fixes the security issues which help you to keep your digital data secure. If you have not upgraded your router with the latest update, try doing so. 

2. Change the location of the router 

The location of the router plays a huge role in the Wi-Fi internet speed that it supplies. For instance, if the router is located across a solid concrete wall, the Wi-Fi internet speed will slow down. Placing it in an open area will ensure that the Wi-Fi speed is considerably good. Check the internet speed by placing the router in a different location and settling for a location where the internet speed is maximum. You can do so by checking the Wi-Fi speed on Speed Test after placing the laptop in a different location. Also, while placing the router, ensure that it is away from other electronic devices to eliminate the electronic interference which is mostly faced by the presence of devices like game consoles and television near the router. Try placing the router at the central part of the home, away from the wall and other devices and above five feet above the ground for gaining the maximum Wi-Fi speed. 

3. Change the name of the Wi-Fi and the password 

Many people do not consider changing the default name and the password of the Wi-Fi. Not changing the default Wi-Fi name and password puts the router at immediate risk because even a newbie hacker can hack the network that follows the default password. If you have not changed the default password and username of the router, do it. While choosing a new password, ensure that you go for a strong password that consists of multiple symbols and is a mixture of lower case and difficult case. 

4. Adjust the Wi-Fi channel

One of the primary reasons behind a poor Wi-Fi channel is that it is operating on a busy channel that is being used by multiple other Wi-Fi channels. When multiple routers use the same Wi-Fi channel, all of them end up receiving a slow Wi-Fi speed. However, you can speed up the lowered Wi-Fi speed due to the busy channels by changing the channel itself. Before changing the channel of the Wi-Fi, check the Wi-Fi channel that the router is currently using and if it is a busy Wi-Fi channel, shift to the least populated channel for enhancing the Wi-Fi speed. After changing the Wi-Fi channel, check the difference between the internet speed on TPG.

Also, along with adjusting the Wi-Fi channel, you can also choose the best frequency that works for the router. Generally, Wi-Fi suffers two frequencies: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. The 2.4 GHz supports a slow signal but has more and stronger coverage. On the other hand, the 5 GHz frequency supports higher Wi-Fi speed but it has a weak signal. On the basis of your device placement, you can go for a suitable frequency band. 

5. Go for a wired internet connection 

The simple and easiest way to ensure that you are able to lay your hand on most of the broadband speed is by going for a wired connection. You can always connect the ethernet cable from the router to the computer or laptop for getting the maximum broadband speed that is available for the router. However, for using an ethernet cable to boost the internet speed, the user will have to place the computer or laptop close to the router. If the router is placed far away from the device and there is no way to reduce the distance between them, consider going for a long ethernet cable.

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