Watch Memory 2022 online HD


Watch Memory 2022 online HD. Memory is a new American action thriller film directed by Martin Campbell and written by Dario Scardapane. It is based on Jef Geeraerts’ novel De Zaak Alzheimer and is a remake of the Belgian film The Alzheimer Case, which was based on the novel. Liam Neeson, Guy Pearce, Monica Bellucci, Harold Torres, Taj Atwal, and Ray Fearon feature in the film.

Watch Memory 2022 online HD

Watch Memory 2022 online HD. Alex, an accomplished assassin, becomes a target when he refuses to fulfill an assignment for a violent criminal organization. Agents from the FBI and Mexican intelligence are dispatched to examine the body trail, which leads them closer to Alex.


 Alex has the ability to remain ahead of the crime syndicate and the FBI, except for one thing: he is suffering from acute memory loss, which is impairing his every action. Alex must evaluate his every move and choose who he can trust in the end. Liam Neeson will portray a skilled killer with a knack for quiet accuracy in Memory, an action film produced by Martin Campbell, which will be released in February 2020. 

Watch Memory 2022 online HD


Ian Pearce, Barbara Bellucci, Edwin Torres, Taj Atwal, and Ray Fearon joined the cast in April 2021, and principal photography began in Bulgaria in April 2021. Briarcliff Productions, Open Road Pictures, Black Bear Films, Welle Amusement, Saville Productions, and Alexander Sarkissian Productions are collaborating on the project.

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